The business give-back vlog channel where business leaders share their expertise and pearls of wisdom!

What is Colleagues Getting Coffee all about?

Hate networking?

Instead of networking you can benefit from real people, answering real business questions in the comfort of your own home or office. You can even be a colleague on the show and share your expertise!

Real life stories

Everyone has been through it. From start up to scale up, strategy to business success. You can find out more about the amazing business journeys of those around you and also those you may never come across in person.

It's just coffee

No hard sell, no pretence, just two people having a chat about business. Please get involved! Send in the questions you want to ask but never get the chance to. This is a channel about business for business!

Sharing is caring

It is all about the give-back, if we share our expertise, we all learn quicker, can develop faster and avoid the common mistakes. All of this could lead to a more productive and prosperous UK economy. Just over a cuppa.