A collection of personal and business stories from female entrepreneurs who were

inspired by the Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship.


Why not? We are female entrepreneurs whose voices have been heard and championed through the Alison Rose Review. We want to share, giveback and inspire. This is a not-for-profit project.

Alison Rose Review

The Treasury commissioned Alison Rose to lead an independent review of female entrepreneurship. It has shed renewed light on the barriers faced by women starting and growing businesses. Read HERE 

Collaboration is Key

This project is pure collaboration, born of one person’s idea and the willingness and openness of others to answer a call to connect, write and honestly share their journey.

Share and Connect

If you enjoyed this then please do share with others, we want to help and support as many female entrepreneurs as possible with this project.

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Any money raised from the sale of this digital book will be donated to the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) which supports all women’s charities in the UK, from domestic violence to period poverty to empowering women in their lives. Find out more about them here www.wrc.org.uk