Self-Discovery, Empowerment, and Purpose


The What

Welcome to a transformative journey where the power of your potential meets the guidance of a compassionate coach. I’m Annelies James, and I specialise in unlocking the extraordinary within individuals like you, whether you’re on a personal quest for self-discovery or seeking to elevate your professional journey. If you’re ready to step into your power, harness your greatness, and embark on a journey of holistic growth, you’re in the right place.

I like to keep it simple.

My prices are at £95 per hour online or in person (travel expenses additional).

OR for a limited-time offer, you can book three sessions for £275.

The Who

I am not just an ILM Level 7 Executive Coach; I am your ally in the pursuit of a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Being a PGCE-qualified teacher, professional mentor and holding counselling qualifications, my approach is deeply rooted in empathy, creativity, and a genuine connection with people. As a coach, I believe in the power of the human spirit and the incredible capacity each person has for growth and change. Alongside this, I have a passion for spiritual and well-being practices from yoga to meditation, experiential craft and outdoor adventure which I often bring into my coaching to help you.

All sessions start with a free Chemistry Chat to chat through the support you need.

How I Can Help You

Whether you’re navigating personal challenges or seeking to enhance your professional journey, I provide a seamless blend of personal and professional coaching tailored to your unique needs.

Empowering Transformation:
Experience the empowerment of breaking through self-limiting beliefs. I am your guide, supporting you in embracing change, cultivating resilience, and discovering the strength within, both personally and within the workplace.

Motivation That Resonates:
Let’s turn your aspirations into actionable goals. I am here to fuel your motivation, providing the inspiration needed to drive lasting, positive change in your personal and professional life.

Finding Your Path:
Unsure of your direction? Together, we’ll explore your passions, values, and goals to illuminate the path that aligns with your authentic self, whether in your personal life or within the professional landscape.

Communication Mastery:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success, both personally and professionally. Learn to express yourself authentically, enhance your interpersonal skills, and build relationships that bring joy and fulfilment to all aspects of your life.

Purpose Unveiling:
Your purpose is the compass guiding your journey, both personally and professionally. Let’s uncover the layers and reveal the unique purpose that fuels your sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

Solution-Focused Approach:
Immediate issues require immediate solutions. I am adept at helping you navigate challenges with a solution-focused mindset, empowering you to overcome obstacles and thrive, both personally and professionally.

Let me help you to step into your power and sit in the driving seat of your life!

Why Choose Me

Human & Holistic

I believe in addressing the mind, body, and soul to facilitate holistic growth, both in your personal life and within the professional realm.


No two individuals or workplaces are the same, and neither are their journeys. My coaching is personalised to meet your unique needs, ensuring a transformative experience designed just for you, whether you’re an individual or part of a team.


Your success is my priority. I am committed to providing you with the tools, insights, and support needed to achieve tangible, lasting results in your personal and professional life.


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