My name is Keiran, I am an 18-year social entrepreneur, that started a social enterprise when I was 16 due to my own experiences of bullying. I decided that I wanted to take a stand against the bullies and give young people the opportunity to speak out & give them the support that I felt like I didn’t have. I love to travel and my favourite dinner is enchiladas.

Rock Clothing, a Portsmouth-based social enterprise, is a small street-wear brand that uses profits to run vital anti-bullying work across the UK. After long developments & trials, we now have a successful Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme that we have implemented into primary & secondary schools in the UK.





Keiran O’TooleRock Clothing UK

Joanne is a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant who specialises in Transgender Awareness and support to businesses and organisations throughout the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

She is an International Keynote Conference speaker that delivers workshops and seminars, and works with organisations to develop policy & best practises to be more inclusive for all people.

She is a member of The Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals, The Rotary Club, Toastmasters International, The Professional Speakers Association and as a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, she believes passionately that “people are people” and, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Joanne lives by the mantra of “Smile, Engage and Educate” in order to promote awareness and understanding to overcome people’s fear of getting it wrong!



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Joanne LockwoodSEE Change Happen

“If you don’t sell you don’t have a business!!” I teach, start-up, micro, owner managed businesses and sales teams how to sell their fantastic products and services, over and over again.

My mission statement “When it’s delivered correctly, sales and customer service are exactly the same thing”, does not come from a textbook, but a combination of my passion and experience of international hotel management and sales for some of world’s top blue chip companies.

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Alison EdgarThe Entrepreneurs Godmother
Annelies has provided a great service to IGC.  She has set herself apart from others with her enthusiastic, engaging and flexible approach coupled with her undoubted technical, creative and marketing expertise to deliver fantastic website.
Mitch YoungmanCEO, Integritas Global Consulting
Annelies has been a godsend.
She’s taken what was an optimistic mess of a social media strategy and has helped me create a comprehensive, planned approach. I now better understand how the social media world works and how to present my brand within that world.
I also know that Annelies is there at the end of a phone to help me with new campaigns as my business grows.
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Louse Bowditch is a Menopause Mentor and founder of The M Word and creator of Fan Fatale. Along with her coaching services, Louise is a dynamic, playful and open-hearted speaker, who helps women improve their mid-life mind-set and fix their menopausal muddle.

Not only does Louise want to revolutionise women’s experience of the menopause by actively supporting them via coaching, she also wants to transform the fundamental way in which society views the menopause by encouraging the women who go through it to make it work for them, not against them.

Passionate about the power of sisterhood, Louise has embraced her own mid-life transition and is hoping to inspire other women to do the same. She feels that we need to own our ‘too hot to handle’ selves before we can expect anyone else to!


Please visit to view Louise’s services and view her Speaker’s One Sheet.  She can be contacted via email at




Louise BowditchThe M Word and Fan Fatale

With 30 years’ experience working with business organisations from start-up SMEs to the corporate FTSE 100, Sally recognises opportunities that enable companies to overcome barriers to business. Passionate about connecting business, facilitating collaboration and developing significant networks she has been an active driver of business, developing the Business South brand and Cowes Marine Cluster.

Sally has now taken her solutions-orientated approach into the digital age and developed an artificial intelligence driven platform that fully enables business to source targeted information, key to driving growth, empowering innovation and increasing productivity.
Launch is unique smart intelligent research tool. The technology Launch have developed is unique and matches information to companies based directly associated to their needs. Companies will be able to find each other in a way that has never existed before. Launch will become the international brand for businesses, like Virgin is for consumers.



Sally ThompsonLaunch International

Jo Bushnell has been director of Aspex Gallery for 19 years and has been incredibly influential is supporting social and community art projects as well as offering creative space for the commercial artists. Aspex offer local businesses the opportunity to hold events and use dedicated work spaces. Follow the website for more info.

A huge thank you to Aspex Gallery Portsmouth for their hospitality as the hosts of Colleagues Getting Coffee!

Aspex exists to support emerging artists, expose the creative process, and engage new audiences with visual art. They achieve this by delivering an exciting and varied programme of exhibitions, off-site projects and participation events.

Their aim is to make the appreciation and creation of art a more inclusive activity.

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Jo BushnellAspex Gallery

Steve believes that if you continuously develop people, you will continually improve performance.

With extensive experience as both a trainer and a Sales and Marketing Director, leading a team of 60+ people, Steve’s passion for people development has produced some remarkable results. He has the unique experience of personally implementing the methods he has trained into other businesses, producing outstanding growth including a 60% increase in revenue.

With a personal interest in sport, Steve was given the opportunity to collaborate with Charlton Athletic which exposed him to the true benefits that sport offers in improving individual and team performance.

Inspired by the complementary skills, traits and attributes that sales, leadership and sports require, Steve started Sporting Difference so that this knowledge could be passed on to businesses throughout the UK. With his methodical approach to motivation, discipline and mindset, Steve has developed sales and leadership programmes that generate action and quantifiable success.

He has also launched the #ShareOurSkill initiative on LinkedIn. A free resource to assist those who need help with their skills development.


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Steve ReeveSporting Difference
Nexus Konexus is an Organisational Psychology practice offering Talent Management services. These fall within Strategic Resourcing, Assessment and Development which are designed to help organisations create business functions and job roles in order to attract, hire and develop future employees aligned to their business.

In turn, the science and philosophy is about helping clients explore how the minds and behaviours of their employees work in order to improve performance, productivity and potential.  Whether that’s defining the competence, skills and behaviours needed for a successful hire, to future proofing and retaining key talent for tomorrow – it’s all about de-risking your people processes.  

Recruiting or promoting someone who is not the right fit into an influential position can have far reaching consequences – motivation, morale and financial impact are all affected. But by truly understanding someones relative strengths, drivers and potential derailment ensures you mitigate any risk with sound development steps.

Sarah Duggan has worked within HR and Talent for over 13 years and as a privately practising Therapist for 16 years. Combining this humanistic experience, her coaching and development skills get to the route cause of business blockages and run much deeper than standard HR practises.  Therapy is not purely clinical, but offers clients a place to discuss both personal and professional issues which may be affecting their work. Then working on adjusting and adapting their behaviours to survive in an ever changing and demanding world. 

So whether it’s maximising attraction, recruitment or retention Nexus Konexus can help hire, build, develop talent.

Sarah DugganNexus Konexus